HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer

Narmada Polyfab” is the leading HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer, Suppliers in India and also the  HDPE Tarpaulin Sheet, HDPE Tarpaulin for Transportation,  Tarpaulin Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

We are engaged in providing the wide range of the HDPE Tarpaulin like HDPE Tarpaulin Sheet, HDPE Laminated Tarpaulin, Tent Tarpaulin, Agricultural Tarpaulin, Utility Cover, Waterproof HDPE Tarpaulin, Green Plastic Tarpaulin, Truck Tarpaulin, etc. and many more tarpaulins are manufactured and supplied by the company worldwide.

Our company established around 2016 and we have flourished under the guidance of the Mr. Prem Chandak the Narmada Polyfab have become a most reputed organisation when it comes to the HDPE Tarpaulin manufacturing and supplying in India.

HDPE Laminated Tarpaulin Manufacturer in India

We have a well developed infrastructure with all the essentials facilities and machineries that are required for the production of the Tarpaulins. Besides this the company owns a team of expertise who are monitoring the entire manufacturing process till the final product is handed over to the clientele.

The entire range that is manufactured by us is an ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our products are known for the supreme quality and fine edge tarpaulins that are manufactured only using the premium quality raw materials. We are also providing the facility of the HDPE tarpaulin customization in case of special requirements.

The best quality HDPE tarpaulin in India is provided by us and we have become the leading  HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturer in India.

An Overview on HDPE Tarpaulin

A tarpaulin in general term can be described as a large sheet that is made up plastic or canvas materials which is very strong, flexible and waterproof in natures. These tarpaulins are basically available in different sizes and color which are used for covering different products or components which protect them from dust, pollutants, heat, moisture, rain, effects of different weather, etc. It is a very effective way of covering and protecting the places wherever this product is used.

Our company is providing the wide range of the tarpaulins that are manufactured using the superior quality materials and are as per the latest standard that makes them compatible to be used worldwide. We are the foremost Tarpaulin Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The entire HDPE tarpaulin range provided by us is available in different sizes and color, provided to the customers at the budget friendly prices.

Our Merchandise

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Our company is providing the wide range of the tarpaulins and we are the one stop solution for the different types of tarpaulin manufacturing and supplying.

Features of Tarpaulins

The features of the tarpaulins provided by us are as follows :


Large Size

Possess longer shelf life


Water proof

Does not tear easily

Available in attractive color

Our Service Overview

We are the leading HDPE Tarpaulin manufacturer in India, the HDPE Tarpaulin manufacturer in Gujarat and HDPE Tarpaulin manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Our company have an experience of more than the two decades in the tarpaulin manufacturing and supplying. We are engaged in providing the wide range of the HDPE tarpaulin and we provide the best HDPE tarpaulin in Ahmedabad. Presently we have a well developed manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad where we possess all the basic amenities and modern facilities that facilitate the production of the superior quality products.

Besides, that we have a well experienced and highly skilled team that is constantly providing their effort for delivering superior quality product to our clients. The production starts using the superior quality raw materials and is carried out under the observation of our team.

HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturers

After the manufacturing process is carried out successfully the product pass through a strict quality check they are handed over to the customers. The final product that is delivered to the customers possess superior quality, specified size, superior exterior surface finishing, well defined edges, free from error, etc. The fast and secure delivery of the product is done by us and the packaging of the components is done in such a way that no harm or damage is caused to them while supplying or exporting them worldwide. The Narmada Polyfab is leading HDPE Tarpaulin supplier in Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Kutch, etc.


The tarpaulins provided by us are used for the following applications :

Garments Industry

Foot ware Industry

Construction Industry

Transportation Industry

Pond Lining

Temporary Housing



Benefits of Our Services

The benefits of our services are as follows:

  • We provide the widest range of tarpaulins.
  • The superior quality tarpaulins are provided by us.
  • The entire range is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • The tarpaulins are provided at the affordable price.
  • Fast and secure delivery of the product is provided by us.
  • The on time delivery of the tarpaulins is provided by us.

There are several benefits of our services that dissociate us from the other service providers. We have an experience of more than the two decades in this tarpaulin manufacturing and supplying.

In case of any requirements related to our product or services you can contact us for more details. Our executive is available to provide you the complete assistance regarding the service or product requirements. We are leading HDPE Tarpaulin Manufacturers in Ahmedabad and also the HDPE Tarpaulin suppliers in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, etc. and all the major Indian states, cities and their nearby region.

The best solution related to the different types of the tarpaulin is provided by us that also at the affordable price. The Narmada Polyfab is the leading HDPE Tarpaulin manufacturer and supplier in India. Call us or enquire us for more details.

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